Why do some prayers take so long to answer?

A Conversation with God by the Waterfall

My dog, Rocko, by the waterfallOne day, while praying by the waterfall, I asked, “God, why do I pray for so long about some things and nothing ever happens?  It’s been so long that I’ve been praying for this.”

He answered, “I’m working behind the scenes. You just can’t see it. You have to have Faith.”

I whined, “But why can’t it happen now? You can make anything happen when You want it to.”

He said, “Imagine this… let’s say you had your toddler in the car and were driving along at 55 miles an hour.  The child, tiring of the long ride decides he wants to get out and begins kicking and screaming.  He is throwing a real temper tantrum.  You are trying to calm the child and are saying gently, “Hold on, we are almost there!”

They continue throwing a fit — they don’t want to wait — they want out this very minute!

If the child decides to just open the car door and  jump from the moving car at 55 miles an hour, wouldn’t they get badly hurt or wounded — even killed?  Would the child have been better off listening to you and waiting until you slowed down and stopped the car?

I answered, “Yes, of course.”

Then He said “It’s for this same reason that some of your prayers aren’t answered right away — even if you do kick and scream — and whine.   If I answered your prayer in your timing it would only hurt you.  You must trust me to know what’s up ahead and what’s best for you.  He let me ponder that for a moment then asked, “Where is the car going?”

Why Do Some Prayers Take So Long? Gods Long and Narrow RoadI replied slowly, “It’s heading… somewhere… in a certain direction…”

He answered, “Yes, it’s heading to a certain destination. If the child jumps from the car while the car is in motion, not only do they get hurt, but they never reach their proper destination.”

Pondering this, I questioned, “So God, in my own life, how do I know where my destination is?  How do I know where to drive and where we are going?”

He replied, “It depends on whose driving the car — you or Me?”

I learned that as hard as it is to wait sometimes, God’s timing is always perfect.  There may be reasons that we cannot see of why our prayers aren’t being answered in our own timing.  I also learned that praying for God’s will to be done in my life gives me the faith that He is driving and in control of my life and destination along this journey.  If I have faith that His will will be done in my life and that I ask Him to take the wheel, I know that I will end up exactly where I am supposed to be.  God is not my Co-pilot, He’s my Pilot!  That is, if I ask Him and allow Him to be.  God is always the Gentleman — He will never grab the wheel when you want to go gallivanting through life yourself.



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