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Miracles BookHas God performed a Miracle in your life? One way of thanking God and giving Him the glory is by sharing your story with others.  Your true Miracle stories will be compiled into a book for publication to give others hope and give the glory to God.  Let others know that Miracles are still happening around the world today!

By sharing your Miracle YOU may be the one to give hope to others that have no hope or strength to those that are experiencing a similar situation. Let people know that God still cares and is alive and well today by sharing what He’s done in your life!

If God has interceded in your behalf in the form of answered prayer or He’s preformed Miracles in your life, please pray about it and if you feel lead to do so, share your testimony with others.

To Submit Your Miracle Story:

It’s as easy as 1–2-3!

  1. Please read our Writer Guidelines;
  2. And Legal Terms;
  3. Then submit your story by clicking here: Submit My Miracle!


Alternatively you can send as a Microsoft Word or a PDF attachment to

That’s it!  In addition to your story, please make sure to include your name, address, phone number and country (if not in the US) and so we may contact you about your submission if necessary.  Also, please do not submit stories that have previously been published unless you own the copyright and proper permissions are in place.

Thank You so much for your submission!  May God bless you abundantly and may you experience the Miracles of God throughout your life!

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