Prayer Requests

Do You Need Prayer?  We would be honored to pray with you.

Every single one of us experiences hardships and pain. But nothing in this world is more powerful than prayer. God listens and He cares.  He is so concerned about you He even knows when one hair falls out of your head. He adores you. You are the apple of His eye!

If you are in need of prayer:

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  • Also, if interested, there is a page here on Healing Scriptures you may want to check out.

May God bless you and we will be praying for you! 

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” (Psalm 34:19 NKJV)


167 Responses to “Prayer Requests”

  1. PHILIP says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Please intercede that the Lord will quickly and ‚mightily provide for our immediate financial needs such as food,bills,repairs etc but also for a new career to end this long unemployment.These are desperate needs and only He can answer with a miracle. May He remove all fear and worry that glory be brought to His name and the good of all be manifested very soon.

    Thank you

    God bless you all.

    • siegertm says:

      Standing in prayer with you. God is definitely A loving and caring Father that still performs miracles every day! May God guide you and provide you with a lucrative career and blessings.


  3. Arlene says:

    I am a 55 year old woman who was always very active in church and community.
    Please pray for me! I am in great need of prayer! I believe God is all powerful and he has a great plan for each one of us. He can heal the blind, raise the dead etc. I need a miracle. I had a stroke in 2014 and didn’t have seemingly any affects from it. I am a victim to an accident/injury. Then in 2015, I went on a trip with my husband and my vestibular/ocular system went awry and I ended up with Mal de Debarquement. Then through nothing I did my brain/vision system went amok. I ended up with a vision perception distortion where things people, animals, houses, vehicles are more computer generated for lack of better description. It has been very difficult and I could use a miracle to restore my life back to the way it was.

  4. Sandra M says:

    PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding, fatigue, and tingling throughout his body due to a fall. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.

  5. Sharon Gaynor says:

    Please pray for me to receive a new car. The walking is becoming very hard on me. Please… I thank you in advance.

  6. Natalie says:

    Please pray for the healing of my right breast. I need lots and lots of prayers. My breast has horrible bug bites, scabs and redness. They aren’t going away. It is taking forever to heal. I don’t understand why this is happening to me. First my left breast a couple of months ago and now my right breast. I hate that this is happening to me. My poor breasts. I need a MIRACLE healing! I can’t go to the doctor and have no health insurance. I am so scared. I don’t know what to do or what is wrong with me. Pray that God heals me quickly.

  7. patrick malawi says:

    please pray am desperate for a job,i was unceremoniously dismissed,i need money to pay debts,i applied many posts no answer,assist me in prayer i need a job to sustain the family

  8. TAMARA WEAVER says:

    Please pray for complete healing for my sister-in-law. She is fighting colon cancer with mets to the liver. Her name is Barbara Ford. We are traveling to Houston to MD Anderson this weekend to continue this fight. We know this battle is not ours, it’s the Lord’s. Thanking God for what he is going to do. Amen. And thank you for prayers.

  9. josephin - says:

    father, please help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows, I come with a broken heart, I need You. please forgive me and D.A. too. Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. Please God soften and touch his heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can. I always try to be strong, but to be honest I was deeply hurt. I’m putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please make this miracle happen for me

  10. Doreck Ekyampaire says:

    please pray for my husband to get a job, i also need a better job to help support my family, need a miracle thank you so much

  11. please pray for me I am having a huge debt and cannot afford to pay it off I want it to be written off and I also want a higher position in my job. I am seeking for God hand to touch those two areas

  12. Vance Vaz says:

    Please pray for me and ask Our Loving Jesus to bless me with a good job abroad as I am very tensed and stressed as i am going to be 35 yrs old and I want to make a life, I want to get married and make a family and be a well settled man and provide my family the best. Help me Jesus in my finances as I have a big loan and I have to pay it all and be financially stable and settle down in life. Please Jesus you are the Lord and my King your one word can change it all, do not forsake me Lord please!! MY LORD U are soo POWERFUL why are you not helping me. See my sufferings O LORD… I need you now & every minute of my life. Come LORD JESUS come into my life and change me and every situation in my life.… I AM NOTHING WITHOUT U I AM JUST DUST, MOULD ME N MAKE ME THE PERSON U CREATED ME TO BE. Lord please help me in my relationship with Maizle O Lord, fill her with your Holy Spirit O Lord, change her heart & mind and bring peace in her heart and help her to accept me soften her heart towards me O Lord. Lord I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS POSSIBLE. LORD have your MERCY AND FORGIVE ME A MISERABLE SINNER. LORD NOT MY WILL BUT, YOUR WILL BE DONE. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!! I TRUST IN YOU JESUS.… THANK YOU JESUS!!

  13. Vance Vaz says:

    Please pray for me and ask Our Loving Jesus to bless me with a good job abroad as I am very tensed and stressed as i am going 35 yrs old and I want to make a life, i want to get married and make a family and be a well settled man to provide my family the best. Help me Jesus in my finances as I have big loan and I have to pay it all and be financially stable and settle down in life. Please Jesus you are the Lord and my King your one word can change it all, do not forsake me Lord please!! MY LORD U ARE SOO POWERFUL WHY ARE YOU NOT HELPING ME, WHY ARE YOU IGNORING MY PRAYER AND TEARS. SEE MY SUFFERING MY LORD… I NEED YOU NOW AND EVERY MINUTE OF MY LIFE COME LORD JESUS COME INTO MY LIFE AND CHANGE MY LIFE AND EVERY SITUATION.… I NOTHING WITHOUT U AM JUST AS DUST, MOULD ME N MAKE ME THE PERSON U CREATED ME TO BE. HELP ME IN MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MAIZLE OR LORD… I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS POSSIBLE PLEASE DO NOT FORSAKE ME LORD I BOW AT YOUR FEET FOR MERCY AND FORGIVE ME MISERABLE SINNER LIKE ME, PLEASE HELP.… LORD NOT MY WILL BUT, YOUR WILL BE DONE. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!! I TRUST IN YOU JESUS.… THANK YOU JESUS!!

  14. Vance Vaz says:

    Please pray for Maizle as she is going through a rough stage in Dubai and almost loosing her job, she has been blamed in her company for no reason and she have not done anything wrong… Please pray for her and ask Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to have his mercy and forgive her for all that she has done.. In his precious blood cover her and protect her and bring her out of the mess which has been put on her. And bless her with a good job and bless her financially as she has a loan to pay!! Please pray and ask for Lords favour and bless her in abundance. In Jesus name I pray father, Amen!!

  15. steve combs says:

    i needs a prayer request need healing my hip and both legs i have pain there. i needs jesus to heal me and God to heal and protect me with financial for eternal . i am a good man in need help for healing in my hip and legs.

  16. Vance Vaz says:

    Please pray for ME & MAIZLE, & lift us up to the LORD and ask Jesus our SAVIOR & KING to come into our hearts and in our life and heal us in every part in our life, heal us from any unforgiveness, rejections, resentment, fear and set us free from all the pains and hurts cause in our life. Please pray for the LORD’s Mercy and Forgiveness for all our sins in our past and present with his precious blood, cleanse and purify our hearts. CREATE IN US A NEW HEART O LORD & PUT A LOYAL SPIRIT IN US.
    Jesus my LORD please help me and lay your mighty hands on my relationship with Maizle O Lord and heal this relationship… mend & fix it with your precious blood.. Please Lord make your way into this relationship and put a light on to it!! Please fill us with your Holy Spirit and lead us close to you and help Maizle and remove all the rejections that she has against me, help her Lord and change her mind and help her to accept me. HELP ME TO GET MAILZE THROUGH YOU O LORD!! LORD with my little FAITH PLEASE HELP ME AND CREATE A MIRACLE. AS YOU ARE THE LORD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN. I TRUST IN YOU JESUS.

  17. William McElwee says:

    I am writing on behalf of my fiancée Lesa K. Dietz. A yr. ago she began having stomach pains. The doctors thought that it was her gall bladder so they removed it. The pains persisted. They put her in the hospital and for 2 months, was only on I.V. no food. She went from 136 l.b.s. to 61 lbs. She actually looks like a holocaust victim just skin and bones. Through out the months they decided to do exploratory surgery and found some dead small intestine. They removed the dead portion. 3 months later the same thing, more pain, more intestine removed. Then in Dec 2015 again. They removed all but 12 inches of her small intestine. Now she is totally unable to absorb nutrients from food and has to be on i.v. nutrients the rest of her life 24 hrs. a day. She is so skinny, frail, and weak. Stays in bed all day in miserable pain. She also suffers from very severe Rheumatoid arthritis. Her hands are folded in half twisted and locked up and very deformed. Now her feet are becoming that way. She also has congestive heart failure, and arteriosclerosis. This is the reason the doctors finely found out was the reason for her intestines to die. 2 arteries collapsed feeding life blood to the intestines. She also has Lupus, and Fibromyalgia. I was to have already married this woman, but some very evil forces are trying to kill her. She used to look beautiful and radiant, now she looks pitiful. All her doctors are highly recommending to her Hospice as the next step. I am totally against this as it is certain death. She is still alive, but barley. She is hanging on for dear life. It seems as though there is some wicked curse on her life. When she was in the hospital, 2 good friends of hers stole her truck and stole some checks and cashed them, her washing machine broke down, her dishwasher, her oven, and her dryer and central heat air unit went out, and no money to pay for repairs to these items. I have never in all my life see so many bad things happen to one-person as I have seen with her. She desperately needs a miracle Please pray that God lets her live and that she receives her healing. I dearly love this woman and want her to live and live with good health. She is 44 yrs. old, born Aug.6th 1971. Thank you. Sincerely, William McELwee. Matt. 18–19 Update today 7/14/16– today

    Lesa’s family decided to take her off

    life support. Since I am only her fiancée

    I had no say in the matter. At 11:00 am

    they took her of the ventilator, and she

    stated breathing on her own but very

    shallow breaths. Now 7 hrs. later she

    is still breathing on her own better than

    this morning and good oxygen levels.

    Her whole family has been there all day

    expecting her to die, but I went to work

    praising God all day long proclaiming

    that Lesa shall live and not die. I spoke

    the breath of life into her and God’s word,

    and the blood of Christ. I truly believe with

    every fiber of my being that God is about

    to do a great miracle and totally restore her

    health and heal her to be a witness and

    testimony of Gods love, mercy, grace, and

    healing power. Please agree with me

    that this will come to pass soon so that her

    family and the doctors and nurses will see

    the power of the living God, and all glory be

    to God Almighty. Matt 18:19

    Sincerely, William McELwee.

  18. Tephane Mpofu says:

    I am a woman aged 25 and I am pregnant and I have been having fights with my boyfriend (the father of the baby I am carrying) and now he doesn’t treat me well. He doesn’t even want to buy the baby’s formula. He drinks almost everyday and comes home late sometimes. He doesn’t even buy food…please pray for my relationship. I need a divine intervention…I will be giving birth the beginning of July or end June. I really need prayers. Please help!

  19. M smith says:

    Please pray for my health and finances. I need define intervention in my life immediately. I work with people who want me to fail and let their friends take my position. I don’t have much and they have plenty.
    I pray I can pay my bills and have good health.
    And, pray for Dan to be able to leave the past alone and move forward. Pray his social security disability
    Goes thru and his life is healed.

    • gary hammer says:

      Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that you hear your servant. I pray for these dear folks, who need a touch. I pray for good health, answer to their finances, and may your hand be on them, to lead them through the rough times. you said, to us all, don’t worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself, with your guiding hand. please give these folks peace and comfort, and let them know you have them in your holy hand. I ask this in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Saviour. Amen

  20. Smriti Hembrom says:

    Rev.Prophet. My name is Smriti Hembrom. I am going to appearing for WBJEE(Medical) exam and AIPMT(All India Pre Medical Test). Exams dates are 01/05/2016(AIPMT) and 17/05/2016(WBJEE). I can’t concentrate in my study so I did not study anything but I want to get first rank in these exams . Please pray for me that I can concentrate in my study and also can complete my syllabus in 7 days. I want to get miracle in my study. I know that nothing is impossible for God. please pray for me to get first rank in these exams.

    Thank you

  21. erv,w says:

    Please pray for my kidneys, high blood pressure, diabetes to be healed , I believe God has a work for me to do, my greatest desire is to pray for the sick and see them healed thank you and may God heal and bless you all in the name of Jesus

    • gary hammer says:

      Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that you here the prayer of your servant. I pray for a complete healing, of the body, mind and soul. Open up the flood gates of heaven and pour out a healing, from the tip of their head to the bottom of their feet. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus, my Lord and Saviour. Amen

  22. Lillian says:

    Prayers that my two daughter forgive each other and receive wisdom from the Lord. That they feel love and understanding to each other and give the rest of the family peace and love so we can have a happy life. That my second daughter finds a man who loves God, his family and her very much and that each of my children and family members are happy and receive the Holy Spirit. That each of us see death like something beautiful and transaction to meet with the Lord.

  23. Charmaine says:

    Please pray that God will lead me to my future husband?


  24. Debbie Munoz says:

    Prayer request for my brother Tony Soza. He had a heart attack and is diabetic; therefore, he is not a candidate for open heart. He has multiple blockage in several of his arteries. They will need to put 2 stents on the R and L of the heart. They will do a stent procedure but not your normal, it’s a very risky procedure. They are comparing it to open heart surgery but for a diabetic patient. He has fluid in his lungs and they are trying to get him stronger before they do this procedure. The plan is this Friday and they couldn’t give us a timeframe on how long it will take since it’s a very risky procedure. God is in control of this situation and I ask all of my prayer warriors to pray for my brother and his family.

    Thank you so much.


  25. Ann De Leon says:

    Please Lord heal me,Im suffering a severe headache everyday and feeling so weak,I want to heal,I want to ease this pain,I believe God always hear our prayers,I trust you Lord,there’s nothing impossible with You,please Lord heal me..

  26. Daniel says:

    Urgent prayer please for the Lord to provide financial help to pay our bills-past and present for rent, medical,utilities , auto repairs and more. This debt is due to long term unemployment. We are frightened and worried and the Lord must provide miraculously. Finally, permanent employment ids needed as well where our gifts and talents can be utilized. Thank you

  27. Jeremiah says:

    Dear Fellow Christians: Please pray to God and the Lord Jesus for me. Pray that God will bless my mind, heart, body, soul, flesh and spirit with God’s and the Lord Jesus Christ’s almighty Spirit. For God to bless and unloose my tongue. To preach and prophesy. To win souls for God and Jesus. For them to speak through me 100% and not me at all. For God and Jesus to lay their hands upon my head and anoint me with their Holy oil in heaven. And anoint me to become their prophet of God, not a false prophet, but their prophet of God and Jesus. And for divine revelation and dreams and visions of God in my mind and heart soul and spirit. One last prayer. Please pray for God’s will, send Michael the Archangel right now, and the archangel Gabriel. To walk with me and stand by my side. And be both my protective angels,for the next 2 weeks.24/7. For both of them to guard me from all of my enemies. Nevertheless, God bless all my enemies. I ask all these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you.

  28. Deborah says:

    Please pray that the Judge will give my daughter custody of her 4 babies. Please pray that God will not let her ex use the kids for revenge against my daughter for leaving him, all he wants is to punish her for leaving him, and to live off welfare and child support that my daughter would have to pay if he got custody. He is a violent, abusive person who has 3 other kids but he doesn’t have custody of them but he wants sole custody with only supervised visitation. Their mother has always been there for them and is the better parent, so please pray that her ex does not get custody but that their mom does. These babies are only 4, 3, 2,& 1, and they are my reason for living, please help me by praying for my daughter to get sole custody of her children, she still wants the children to have a relationship with their dad but he wants to hurt her in the worst way possible, by taking away her babies, please ask Our Lord not to let this happen, they have very close relationships with all of our family and I don’t want to Lose them, they are my world, I’m sick everyday and they are my reason to get up each morning. The trial is this Thursday, August20th. Thank you for your help

  29. Alija says:

    My Dear Father in Heaven, please hear my wishes and grant them, that I get offered a place at Invicta Grammar School in Maidstone, Kent, UK in Year 10 this September and I’m the top student there. I pray to God with all my heart that I’ll leave Invicta Grammar School with only grade 9 (A*) in GCSE and A-Levels in at least 15 subjects and get into Oxford University. I failed MGGS (Maidstone Girls Grammar School) and embarrassed my poor parents, who work hard to get me into good schools, and their upset reactions made me feel like useless trash and guilty, so Invicta is my only hope, to leave with grade 9 (A*) only. I don’t want to go to a bad school, which is miles away and I might get kidnapped, which I really hate and don’t want. I don’t want to see my parents sad. I want to see them proud.

  30. marina says:

    Lord,I ask for your mercy and healing to please help my father Narciso Rayla to get well soon and recover from all this illnesses that he have at this moment.Please Lord,cure my father.I am so much in problem right now.My brother junior was in the hospital because of someone ran over him,and my marriage is always on the rock,I’m broke I don’t know how to help.I don’t have anything to offer financially because my sales is so low.Lord I not sure if I can go on much longer of this problem at all.This is too much for me to handle, few years ago lost my sister and brother now here again.Lord,I just want my parents in good health back to good health.That they are far from harm of body and soul.I have my own share of problem too.I get tired too.Lord please cure and heal my father is enough for me to go on.Lord have mercy on us,Lord don’t leave us and ignore our sighs.This is all we ask In Jesus Name.Amen.

    • Alija says:

      My Dear Father in Heaven, please hear my wishes and grant them, that I get offered a place at Invicta Grammar School in Maidstone, Kent, UK in Year 10 this September and I’m the top student there. I pray to God with all my heart that I’ll leave Invicta Grammar School with only grade 9 (A*) in GCSE and A-Levels in at least 15 subjects and get into Oxford University. I failed MGGS (Maidstone Girls Grammar School) and embarrassed my poor parents, who work hard to get me into good schools, and their upset reactions made me feel like useless trash and guilty, so Invicta is my only hope, to leave with grade 9 (A*) only. I don’t want to go to a bad school, which is miles away and I might get kidnapped, which I really hate and don’t want. I don’t want to see my parents sad. I want to see them proud.

  31. Etak says:

    My Heravenly Father,

    God, I need him so much and I need the miracle in me for my marriage restoration, and my financial. I need to get marry with him, and we can in love and together forever. God, please blessing him with the wisdom to trust you, and not be deceived by the devil
    women (names removed) and their devil party, and guide him the way and give him the power to defeat the devil. God, I am expecting the unexpected.All my things, my love one, my health, and my house, my freedom, are snatched and stolen by the devil and my enemies. All the attack, oppression, suffering, sorrow, painful. The killing of the Christian, the Superstars and kind people all over the world, and Tibet. All the soul were deceived and fallen the devil’s trap and were pulled into the hell, but the most greatest painful are, we were bought at a price and it was fully paid by the precious blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I need to return and give back all the sorrow before/after the period of Jesus Christ by multiplying 5,051.51 time of sorrow plus+ infinitive —–> time of sorrow rebounce G to the devil and all my enemies now and immediately. The righteousness arise and your Kingdom come.

    I love you God, and Jesus Christ.

    God, I am your child, and obey you forever.

    Thanks God


  32. Kris says:

    Please pray for the recovery of my mum/‘s remaining kidney. She has been been treated for dehydration and the doctors believe there is a possibility the remaining one requires dialysis.

    She is currently battling stage IV cancer which are prayers for a miraculous cure for. Please pray that this is cured and she does not require dialysis.

  33. Vani says:

    Where do I start.…please pray for me to stop stealing, I need help. This is eating me up inside and I pray for whatever demonic thing that is in me to be lifted away. I’m married with two beautiful children and I don’t want to get in trouble and taken from them. We struggle month to month, I have been looking for a second income for me or my husband because I want to stop so bad! I know this is so wrong and pray that The Lord has a plan to help me and that I see it and follow it. I pray that we (my family) become closer to The Lord and are blessed with a second income or better income jobs. I pray for courage & strength to stop stealing and to fellow The Lord Jesus Christ! I thank all of you for praying for me and my family and I will keep you guys updated!
    God is love

  34. Clifford says:

    Please pray for my relationship, it is being torn apart by my girlfriends mother who has being abusing her (emotionally, physically, mentally and financially for a number of years and even so much more in the past three years just so she would leave me. My girlfriend wants to stand up to her mother but fears that in doing so she will be kicked out of her home.
    Her mother lately has been putting really negative ideas into her head about our relationship and as she is home she sees it as her mom is right and has the final say (even to God has the final say) and with a head filled of negativity has started pushing me away.
    Before my girlfriend met me she felt as is no one loved her as her mom made her feel like an outcast which drove her to self harm and a suicide attempt. She started attending church for a period of time and prayed for someone to love her for who she is and a few years down the line she met me and had who God had intended for her.
    The constant abuse (even beat up when she was sleeping and defenceless) is causing a lot of unwanted pressure. We need God to step in and turn things around as her mother is under a lot of oppression from generational curses ( her mother ran away from home at 15 and got pregnant and lost her family) that isolate my girlfriend, God put us together and no man can tear us apart but the devil is working harder than ever to tear us apart.
    Please keep us in prayer as only God can change this situation. Psalm 91 is what is spoken over our lives as we need protection.

  35. Logan says:

    Pray over my home for all sexual spirits to leave for all spirits that touch me and give me dirty thoughts to be broken i need freedom i need Gods pressence powerfully in my home his protection over me and my home

  36. Jordan Vira says:

    Please aggressively pray for me and my family for a financial breakthrough, which will enable us to meet and satisfy our pressing obligations (rent, food and utilities). Amen

    –Jordan Vira
    –Eleanor Vira
    –Kyle Jones
    –Kylen Vira
    –Kayden Vira

  37. Plangnan says:

    Please pray for me to receive God’s divine mercy and favour in obtaining the job of my dreams with the ministry of foreign affairs in my country. I have been without a job for over two years, but I will not give up on God’s promises. I pray for a miracle for myself and all using this prayer site, relying on the intercessions of God’s faithful servants. Thank you God for answered prayers. Amen

  38. Leah says:

    My heart is absolutely breaking. I’ve never cried so much in my life. My children and I have endured so much abuse, lies, manipulation and pain from my estranged husband/their father and despite our prayers and pleas for him to get counseling, he hasn’t and we had to move away to be safe. In retaliation he’s not only filed for divorce and custody, he’s mounted a full scale attack campaign on me that’s devastating to the core. His endless lies about me are so vicious and so cruel that’s it’s frightening and increased my deepening depression and sadness. I never imagined that so many people would turn against me or question the validity of my claims. My own attorney has doubts and I don’t have enough money to get another. Every where I turn something is going wrong in my life and I’ve never prayed or confessed as much as I’m doing now, trying to stay positive, hoping that the truth and God will save us. I’m unable to work right now, I’m desperate for money and I’ve never felt so alone in my entire life. I’ve got to stay strong for my children and I/we need as many prayers as possible of courage, strength, peace and patience & extra money to take care of our needs. Please pray for friends for my children & for our family to receive support. Please keep praying for me, us-I’ll let you know when it’s resolved. Thank you so, so much.

  39. annette says:

    please help with your prayers for my business do well, I am suffering inside, feel like nothing is working and cannot show my family how I feel, no matter how hard I work and be decent person. Please I am begging you, help me with your prayers.
    Please pray for my son to find his career path and follow it with Lord guidance and wisdom to take right steps for his career and personal life. I have been praying for this for 5 years and nothing is working, please help, I am begging.

  40. vicky says:

    Please pray for a miracle please for my husband to drop this divorce, he took both of my kids and now I have nothing. please please I really need a miracle and for a judge not to put me in jail for missing a court date. please help me find a job asap also please

  41. Sue Creel says:

    I am asking for prayers for my cousin Gail. She fell 5 months ago and broke her hip. She is still in the hospital. We almost lost her 3 times because of complications in the lungs and heart. She is a Christian who loves Jesus with all that she has. Please pray for her to survive this and be able to go back to her home with her family. Thanking everyone who says a prayer for her.

  42. SHERLY says:

    pls pray for me and my family.I am a born again alone from my family.My mother and brother should know jesus.mother is very sick and brother not yet married pls. pray for us.

    • siegertm says:

      Praying for you and your mother and brother to find Jesus and know of His great love! Please God open their hearts to receive You and find You. Come Holy Spirit into their hearts and minds. Prepare their hearts for You Lord. Comfort your daughter. Give her Christian friends to make this journey with you. In Jesus’ Holy name I pray.

  43. jayesh christian says:

    please sir pray for me. my wife & her parents & her relative wants divorce, she is with her parents since one year, she dont want to talk with me, what she think i dont know, my prist my parents and my relative help me a lot but now they all drop his hope but how can i drop her, i love her i want her, i always pray god, please show me the way what i do, i am alone rightnow, please sir pray for me, god is able to do that, please sir pray for me and my wife, i want her, i want to talk with her, please sir pray for me show me way, please sir, please oneagain thaks for pray for me, thanks sir, thanks i am weiting sicnce one year now i am alon please sir show me way , what to do, please sir pray for me please sir

  44. Charmaine says:

    Please pray that God will send lots of new friends in my life, so that I can see and experience new things and so that the loneliness can disappear? May he bless all the people who have left my life, and help me to forgive them? Thanks,

  45. Mindy says:

    I want to have a child. I had a miscarriage in October, and I suspect that I have had a another very early miscarriage recently. I need for God to touch me that I will be able to have a healthy child. I have dreamed of having a child since I was a little girl, but something seems to be going wrong in my body. I know God can work a miracle for me, just like He did Hannah in the Bible.

  46. Jamaal Stephen says:

    I pray that God answers my requests that I have been asking him for so many years. I have been truly depressed and have even felt suicidal because I feel like there is no hope, but I am giving my requests to God , yet again, hoping that he will finally answer my prayers and turn my life around because I can’t take this pain anymore .

  47. travis Moore says:

    I need a miracle healing in my back from disk degenerative disease and fibromyalgia pain in my body please I am in terrible pain,stem from car wreck in 2006.they cut my medical insurance so I need a miracle.

  48. joan says:

    please pray for my friend terri. she went to the hospital in pain and found out she has cancer all through her body. She is a great person, always helping others. Please pray for a miracle and her healing. Thank you

  49. Tracye Dockett says:

    Andre and Tracye to be reunited fall I love again and a marriage to take place .

  50. Lauren says:

    Please pray for our unborn baby girl. We received the news that she has Down Syndrome. Please pray God heals this sweet baby and takes away her extra chromosome. Please pray God continues to make her healthy and strong and she is born with no chromosome abnormalities. In His Name!

  51. Marlene says:

    Please pray that god must have mercy and favour upon me .Pray for me to marry this year and fall pregnant.Pray that god moves in my life.May he answer me like he answered hannah.Pray that I must become a wife and mommy speedily.My marriage and childbearing must manifest suddenly.My testimonies must manifest speedily and shock my friends and surprise my enemies.I have faith in god that my prayers are already answered.Amen.

  52. Alyson says:

    Please pray I need a miracle. I need my husband Dave to be touched by the Holy Spirit. He is being tempted by the devil. He has left me and our three month old daughter for another women. He needs God. Something keeps telling me to fight for my marriage. Please I need your help! Please lord! His temptress is so evil please let her release him.

  53. Mrs.P.stella rose malar says:

    hi brother,
    > my name:stella.
    > my husband’s name:israelprabhu..
    > my marriage date:dec 29,2008..but last three years,we were departed of life…reason only my husband’s family members angry,misunderstood&third person enter of my pls prayer brother..what i will take of my life?&my jesus,what do?..i donot know..but i will believe jesus&jesus must do miracle of my life,i wait(jesus blessing,miracles).so pls prayer brother..future life,i will must share miracle(my life)for u brother.….i wait jesus miracle.….….…..

  54. zellie says:

    That the parents of Lenard Stafford T, Gloria M and Lenord M will allow their 26 year old son Lenard to grow up now that he is a father.

  55. Lilian says:

    In Feb 2014, my mother was taking a high blood pressure medication called Lisinopril. The medication caused a reaction and closed her airway and made her tongue swell out of her mouth for 2 months. They put her in an induced coma. This medication caused her to stop breathing for a few minutes and the doctors said there is overall brain damage and she may never be able to breath on her own and wanted to pull the plug. Within a short time my mom no longer needed the ventilator and continues to breath on her own. She is now is a nursing home, recovering more and more. We see God’s blessings everyday and we see her doing more and more. She hears us, feels us, cries, moves, breaths on her own, which doctors said she wouldn’t be able to do. We have a strong faith in God and know He will fully restore her health, she will be coming back to us. I ask for your prayers that Today is the day for Serena to be fully healed. She loves God and Jesus more than anything and is a good woman. Bless her to be Healed TODAY. Thank you so much!! God bless you!

  56. Anne says:

    Please help me not be so sad n depressed.. And give me strength & courage to find a good job and do good… Thank you

  57. anonymous says:

    Thank you for helping me Lord and angels here and above. I want to shine my light in the world, but first you must help me find it always. I have been contemplating suicide lately. Thank you for helping me find strength and energy and love and light and hope, true happiness, true and lasting unconditional love and marriage, perfect health and great, abundant, overflowing wealth now, so I can share and help people and be of value to this world. THANK YOU for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual strength and wellness and perfect health. I lost my only conceived child after I had tried a lifetime. And still so hurt by that and the man went off with another instead of treating me right. May he be enlightened and return and make amends for having abandoned the right path and lied and cheated and left instead of helped me through it…and try again? Please bless them separately but let them end NOW so he can make amends and stop the suffering. THANK YOU for making me be light in the world and be useful and energized and helpful and very successful n good and valued…Then I can help others if you help me, God. Help me to be only love and light in the world. Amen

    • siegertm says:

      Praying for you! I know how you feel as my son died. Just know that God has a plan for your life. He needs you here now to be that light in a dark world. I hang on to the verse “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord; plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jer 29:11. I had thoughts of suicide several times throughout my life. I kept in mind that the Bible says that God abhors suicide. Those thoughts are not from Him but from the one who’s only goal is to put out the light we shine. I can speak from experience and let you know that God can and will help you through this. Lean on God. He is the One who will be with you on your entire journey. I wouldn’t be here to have started this website or to pray with and for you now. Remember, God has a great plan for your life. He needs you here to accomplish those plans and help others going through what you are now, just as He is using my life experiences to help others. Life is not perfect here — Jesus said we will have troubles. BUT He then said FEAR NOT FOR I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD! We need you here, Little Light! I know by sticking with God, you will shine brighter and brighter! May God bless you and comfort you. May you FEEL His presence. God is with you.

  58. tracy white says:

    I would do anything if god listening to my prayers today that me and my husband Michael will get back together for good and he will stop cheating on me and just be faithful to me and that he will stop seeing grace has of today for good

  59. Zandile Sibanda says:

    Dear Prayer warriors.I need a very big miracle from God now,I need to submit my dissertation on 30September 2014 and pass it.Thats the only thing that is holding me to graduate in November this year,I also need prayers for my supervisor to put more effort and assistance in this dissertation.please let me know when you are praying for me.

  60. claudio says:

    Prayer Request — studies friendships — Health-family: For my children Nicolas and heart Jesus Lumena Bethlehem, their studies, perform exams with excellence, and final term exams, completion of career

    Request a healing prayer: friends and family-Jimena AT bone problems, lunbares spine, restoring the female reproductive tract, psychic and spiritual emotional healing,
      Patricia E: R :. Bone problems, spine, endocrine problems, glandular and hormonal problems, restoration of the female reproductive system.
    Monica Hope messy aftermath flow blood cancer, restoration of the female reproductive tract.
      Maria CG atrosis problems in their knees, diabetes problems ..
      Maria de los Angeles obecidad problems and diabetes, emotional problems. Hortencia C: senile dementia.
      L. Pascual diabetes problems, bone problems obecidad knees.
    Ignacio L neurological problems, bone problems in knees and spine.
    Graciela E.P. emotional health

    Prayer Requests LIberation Graciela E: P: Monica EG Break covenants made with the enemy in his youth by ignorance of the word of God.-Zoom out of their lives untimely and bad people who are not a blessing to their vidas.-

    Order Unlocking .– Inequidad– Breaking generational curses over my life, the life of prayer and enemigos– friends

    Prayer Request Release Breaking sorcery and witchcraft works made ​​against my life, the life of my family and friends Work performed on apachetas (altars of consecration in the mountains) of the Andes, the Bolivian Altiplano, The Valles Calchaquies, Cornice road to Jujuy, Quebrada de San Lorenzo

    Request Prayer Liberation Restoring Emotional and family over the life of people — Jimena siquietes AT, Osvaldo SF, Gladis BT, Patricia ER, Patricia F., Monica B., Monica G. Hope, Hortencia C., Maria IV Noemi F., Rosita D., F. Maria de los Angeles, Alberto L., Maria CG, Nicolas F., Lumena G., G. Asuncion, Liliana R., Zulema A.

    Prayer Request — my Amiga Restoration Family Friendly– By Jimena AT, recovery of his daughter given up for adoption at birth when she was underage –Restauración the female reproductive tract that resulted dalado to be a mother at a young age —
    For the couple who is raising her daughter, now costs them having to deliver the girl to her mother because it is the only thing I have as they could not have their own children; is noted that this marriage took the girl in good faith. To this marriage a special prayer. “May the Lord be restoring the male and female reproductive apparatus of this marriage so they can have their own children and Jimena deliver what belongs

    Request Prayer. Restoration Family Friendly– For my mother to find lost relatives, was given at birth adpcion

    Order By my Oración– Finance, opening economic and financial resources, new job opportunities and business, cancellation of deudas–

    Finance Prayer Request for my friend Monica G., opening new jobs and opotunidades business, cancellation of debt, fund capital expenditures study abroad your child NICOLAS

    Prayer Request for Judicial,. Resolution concerning inmobiliria scam of working and civil judgments.

    Prayer Request Judiciales– Ana Carolina, resolution of pending paperwork and court records concerning job demands causes, charging fees

    Judicial prayer request Graciela E. P, divorce proceedings division of property

    Pedido de Oración–estudios amistades–Sanidad –familia: Por mis hijos del corazón Jesus Nicolas y Lumena Belén, por sus estudios, rendir examenes con exelencia,examenes finales y parciales,culminación de carrera

    Pedido de oracion sanidad : amigos y familiares-Jimena A.T. problemas oseos,lunbares columna vertebral, restauracion del aparato reproductor femenino, sanidad emocional psiquica y espiritual,
    Patricia E:R:. Problemas oseos, columna vertebral, problemas endocrinologicos,problemas glandulares y hormonales, restauración del aparato reproductor femenino.
    Monica Esperanza flujo desordenado de sangre secuelas de cancer, restauracion del aparato reproductor femenino.
    Maria C. G. problemas de atrosis en sus rodillas, problemas de diabetes..
    Maria de los Angeles problemas de obecidad y diabetes, problemas emocionales. Hortencia C: demencia senil.
    Pascual L. problemas diabetes, obecidad problemas oseos en las rodillas .
    Ignacio L problemas neurologicos,problemas oseos en rodillas y colúmna.
    Graciela E.P. sanidad emocional–

    Pedidos de oracIón LIberación Graciela E:P: Monica E.G. Ruptura de pactos hechos con el enemigo en su juventud por desconocimiento de la palabra de DIOS.-Alejamiento de sus vidas de personas inoportunas y malas que no son de bendicion para sus vidas.-

    Pedido de oración Liberacion.–Inequidad– Ruptura de maldiciones generacionales sobre mi vida, la vida de amigos y enemigos–

    Pedido de Oración Liberación Ruptura de trabajos de hechiceria y brujeria hechos en contra de mi vida , la vida de mi familia y amigos Trabajos realizados sobre las apachetas (altares de consagracion en la montaña) de la Cordillera de los Andes, el Altiplano Boliviano, Los Valles Calchaquies, Camino de Corniza a Jujuy y Quebrada de San Lorenzo–

    Pedido de Oración Liberación, Restauración Emocional y familiar sobre la vida de las siquietes personas— Jimena A.T., Osvaldo S.F., Gladis B.T., Patricia E.R., Patricia F., Monica B., Monica Esperanza G., Hortencia C., Maria I.V., Noemi F., Rosita D., Maria de los Angeles F., Alberto L., Maria C.G., Nicolas F., Lumena G., Asuncion G., Liliana R., Zulema R.-

    Pedido de Oración–Restauración Familiar– Por mi Amiga Jimena A.T., recuperación de su hija dada en adopcion al nacer cuando era menor de edad –Restauración del aparato reproductor femenino que resulto dalado al ser madre a corta edad—
    Por el matrimonio que esta criando a su hijita, hoy les cuesta tener que entregar la niña a su madre ya que es lo unico que tienen ya que no pudieron tener hijos propios; se hace notar que este matrimonio se llevo a la niña de buena fé. Para este matrimonio una oración especial. “Que el Señor este restaurando el aparato reproductor masculino y femenino de este matrimonio para que puedan tener sus hijos propios y entregar a Jimena lo que le pertenece

    Pedido de Oración. Restauración Familiar– Por mi madre encontrar a familiares perdidos, fue dada en adpcion al nacer

    Pedido de Oración– Por mis Finanzas, apertura de recursos economicos y financieros,nuevas oportunidades de trabajo y negocio, cancelacion de deudas–

    Pedido de Oración-Finanzas, por mi amiga Monica G., apertura de nuevos trabajos y opotunidades de negocio, cancelacion de deudas, solventar gastos de estudio en el exterior de su hijo NICOLAS

    Pedido de Oración Judicial,. Resolucion de juicios laborables y civil referente a estafa inmobiliria.

    Pedido de Oración Judiciales– Ana Carolina , resolucion de tramites y expedientes judiciales pendientes referente a causas demandas laborales, cobro de honorarios

    Pedido de oración Judiciales Graciela E. P, tramites de divorcio division de bienes

  61. pastor Thieringo says:

    Prayer Request :

    persecution demonic satanic and dark things done againts pastor Thieringo must stop and mustn’t have effect on him and must return againts those who do that . Fire of Holly Spirit must come on evil and bad things againts him. May Holly Spirit Jesus and God do justice to him . Protection , healing, wisdom, freedom, prosperity , miracles in finances, success and miracles in business, success and miracles in his life in Jesus Name .

    God bless You.

  62. Andrea says:

    I have prayed for the renewing of my love with Justin H. I feel and see it rekindling. We are not back together but we are getting there. He is a great guy and I have always felt like we were spiritually linked. I love him unconditionally, but I don’t want to make any moves with God. I want this time around to be lead my God and to only manifest if it is his will. I pray this relationship if lead by God and if this man is not for me let me be turned away. I love him and I want to be with him and be his wife one day but only if God is the head of our relationship and it is led by him. I am praying for a happy and healthy relationship led by God and guidance for Justin and Andrea. I am praying for a sign to know that I am doing the right things and which direction to go. IF we are met to be God bring us together whole and rebuke all interferences and distractions. My most sincere pray is for a happy and healthy marriage between Justin and I and success in our lives.

  63. George says:

    Please pray for me for a miracle that God will give me a new colon and fix what the surgeons did and reconnect my digestive system and take away the stoma and scars and wounds and make me whole again in Jesus’ name. Thank you

  64. Victoria says:

    I am working far away from my husband, I am a manager where I work. There are no posts available near my home. My husband has been too distant lately and does not talk to me like before. I have applied for a promotional post in another province in order to get an easy transfer in the near future. This promotion will help us buy our own place. I am worried about the marriage and pray for the promotion. I need God to intervene in both cases. I am so confused. I have so many burdens upon my shoulder. I can write a book. I need. Help and hope in this confusing and draining life.

  65. Cindy says:

    My brother Brian is in ICU recovering from a ruptured intestine. He needs prayer for healing, no infection, and his lungs to be renewed. He is on a breathing tube. Has been dealing with unknown disease in his lung. Thank you for believing with me for God’s miraculous!!!

  66. Dave M says:

    Heavenly Father,
    Please open a door to a new full time job for me.

  67. Dave M says:

    Please pray for me that the Lord will open the door for a new fulltime job. I have been out of work for a year. I really need a breakthrough. Specifically Quabbin Reservoir position.

  68. antonia says:

    I am in need of a more permanent job. One that pays fair wages meaning people done promise one thing and then give me another. I would like to comfortably be able to meet my bills. I pay tithes and I give my offering at church so I can’t understand why I still get the kinds of jobs that I get. I do not mean to complain. God has sustained me so for . it is just that i don’t know if it is because of something wrong in my or if its that this is what god wants for me.

  69. John M says:

    Please pray for me that the Lord will open the door for a new fulltime job with benefits and heal me from depression. I really need a breakthrough.

  70. pastor Thieringo says:

    Prayer Request :
    find quickly job, Protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,miracles in finances and business,protection and prosperity of his health,success and miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name .

  71. Michelle says:

    I am in need of lots of strong prayers for my husband to forgive me and not end our 20 year marriage . He is wanting me to move out and get my own place I really need prayer that he changes his mind and don’t make me move . He is really mad at me because I spend to much money. I also need prayer to help me with my spending problem. The is also

    another women named Dallas that is trying to get my husbands attention I need prayer that she will just leave him alone. I really really love my husband and I don’t want to be without him. I pray that the women Dallas and Ana will find in there heart to just leave my husband alone. I am like 3 days away from my husband making me move. I need a very fast miracle that he will find it in his heart to forgive and we build our relationship stronger than it has ever been. I really need lots of strong prayers that the women named Dallas will just stop talking to him and just leave him alone.

  72. Katy says:

    Please pray for me. I’m desperate. I’ve been trying to conceive for a while and every time I think I could be pregnant it turns out to be negative. Every time my heart breaks more and more. We suspect I could have PCOS or so,etching because my cycles aren’t normal which is hard on me. Please pray that nothing is fertility wrong with me (Katy) or Lane. Please pray that God will bless us soon. I hope and pray this will be the month. God said ask in Jesus name and it shal be done. I believe that.

    My hope is falling though with every disappointment. Please I ask you to pray for me and Kane both that I’ll fall pregnant soon, carry the baby to term, and give birth to a happy healthy baby who will grow up to,work in His word. And that if so,etching fertility wise is wrong with me or Lane it will be fixed in the name of Jesus! I ask you to pray.

    Thank you and God bless you,


  73. C says:

    Please pray that Mark Ann I will reconcile?

    In Jesus’ Name?

    Thanks, C

  74. Sophy says:

    I need a miracles prayer,im hiv positive i need to test negave next week as im going to the clinic.i need a miracle prayer finding a permant job,home as im homeless.iwant to be free frm hiv infection and other deseases.i want to be be frm stress.i believe ad have faith that it wilgo away right away and i wil find peace in my life and leave a truthful life.amen

  75. Pastor Thabo says:

    Lord i standing on your words jeremiah 33;3,lord i praise your name because from life i come in the name of Jesus christ,i receiver miracle by faith„thank you lord

  76. Michael says:

    Dear God
    Please take me to the past so that I can fix my situation and won’t make the same mistake again. I really want to go back in any day of November 2013, so that I can truly ensure that I can stay with my aunt. Please God do this for me tonight. I really need this to happen. Please God fulfill my wish. Amen

  77. Pastor Thabo&irene says:

    Lord of host the create of heaven&earth,God of the impossible,be possible,nothing is hard for your,isaiah 61:1–11 lord your anointing me to preach not suffer of struggle,your word promise that your answer when prayer,father ther is hindering of our answer in the for 12years father nothing hard for you,break every strong hold in spiritual realm,to show physical signs&wonder,father your son jesus said that when we believer in him we will show by signs&wonder great than he did,i prayer for prayer of emplyment,financial miracle,honor your word,for said you are not man to liar,you do not promise&liar,fulfil in jesus name

  78. Tracye Dockett says:

    My prayer request is to have a door opened for employment immediately that allows me to pay my financial obligations. Thank you.

  79. swe says:

    Please JESUS forgive me. Have mercy on me and grant me a miracle. I need you .i love you

  80. robin wilson says:

    I (robin) pray that I get my family and marriage back to Jason and that we are reunited as a family with our 2 sons,amen.

  81. shell says:

    I’m asking for prayers of reconciliation for myself and the love of my life. she is my best friend and I hope one day for her to be my wife. But recently we had been arguing and it scared her and she left. I know this seems silly but she was the one person who loved me and I love her. Please bring us back together again, let our foundation be strong and loving
    Please let me get the apartment I applied for recently. I want to create the home that I want and need for my family. please pray for me.

    Thank you so much

  82. RobertReyes says:

    need miracle healing, parkinson, I have been praying to the Lord for 4years.
    parkinson makes my walking hard to walk normal, medication help a little , but still cannot work„, please pray with me in an agreement. thank you

  83. Pastor Thabo&irene says:

    Jeremiah 33:3 Please prayer for us wisdom, financial miracle (specifically R360 000), protection, to get married, good health, to fill more with Holy Spirit and power, energy, healing to fall on me.

  84. Don says:


  85. Pastor Thabo&irene says:

    Please prayer for us to get permenant jobs&financial miracle to get married,financial specificial amound of R360 000,nothing is hard for God,jeremaih 33;3 call you will answer,we need you strong prayer for miracle for 2014,from south africa

  86. Michelee says:

    Please i’m asking you to pray for me that God will provide money to buy a car for me or my husband Winston. He has a car but it is broken down and very old, so he’s driving my brother’s car. Last night when he was coming home from work someone scratched the bumper and i’m so afraid that it might have b een sometime more serious and we would have to pay for it and we dont have any money. Please pray that God will provide our own car so we can give my brother back his car. Please I’m asking you to pray for me that God will help me to get a job on one of the Meditteranean cruise ships/Disney cruise ships as a Pool Attendant ( I paid an agency to get me that job and i havent heard anything from them as yet) and that pool attentants on these ships will get a monthly salary plus tips and they will pay me well so that I can help my husband to finish building our house, so that our 3 kids will have their own rooms and we will have a room for ourselves. Pray that the Meditterean cruise company/Disney cruise company will post jobs for Pool Attendants and the agency I signed up with will apply for the job for me and they will hire me. Pray that God will help my husbandto get a better paying job, one that he won’t have to work at nights and he’ll get paid weekly and he’ll be making more money that he is right now, so that we can pay our bills, the mortgage, rent, buy food, have money to send the kids to go to school, buy a new car and save some money for a rainy day. he will also help him by taking away his high blood pressure and not let it come back. Help him to lose the weight he has on and he will never gain back the weight. The lord will help my 2 daughters to stop telling lies and he will help to start reading and writing properly. God will help Ashley to start studying without myself or her dad having to tell her to and she will be placed on her school principal honour role every year.god will also help my son to start talking. Please pray that god will also bless our finances. Thank you so much

  87. FOR RACHAEL says:


  88. Carol says:

    I have been a believer for many years now. I have been burdened with a problem that I would prefer not to reveal. Mostly, because it is a long story but I also know that God knows what it is and that is all that is important. I would like to ask for your prayers for a resolution to my problem. I have been dealing with it the best ways I could and I feel like every time I see an end in sight something happens to keep it from being resolved. I thought I had a resolution recently and found out today that may not work out.

    I have been praying myself for a long time but feel that perhaps it will be necessary to enlist others to pray as well. It came to me this morning to start doing that now perhaps because the avenue I thought I had is not going to work.

    I have found in the past when I was praying for an anonymous request I found it hard to do if I didn’t know what to call it. Perhaps other people feel that way as well. So, I have named my prayer request Project 2014. I would like to find a resolution by the beginning of the year.

    Also, I feel that God may be leading my life in a new direction and this issue needs to be resolved before I can move on. I hope you will consider my request.

  89. Jason says:

    Please pray for my girlfriend Angel and I. My girlfriend Angel and I haven’t talked to each other in about 2 weeks. I am not to sure what is going on with us. We have known each other for about 5 years and have been going out for 5 months. Things were going good between us as far as I knew before Angel moved. After Angel moved I tried to hang out with her at times, but Angel kept telling me that she was busy and didn’t have time to see or hang out with me. Angel does have 3 kids and recently hurt her arm and shoulder having her arm in a sling. Angel has told me that she does care about me, that I am a wonderful guy and that she wants to work things out between us. Lately it seems like she is either to busy or doesn’t want to hang out with me. I have been for the past week trying to give her some space and only sent her an email apologizing for possibly being a little to pushy maybe and bothering her by trying to hang out with her and find out what’s going on. I do like and care about her a lot and would like things to work out with her. I know that 2 of her kids have said that they don’t have a problem with me and that it doesn’t bother them when I am over their house visiting. Angel did contact me November 14. We haven’t had a chance to talk about thing, but she did tell me that she wasn’t trying to push me away and that she recently had a blood transfusion. I would like for us to be in an open, honest relationship and have it work out. I also know that her kids father doesn’t care for me and has complained about me to Angel. I know her kids don’t like to listen to well and her oldest daughter is a little bit of a problem child. Please pray for healing for Angel, her kids and I. Pray that our relationship can be mended and saved from falling apart. That we can get through the storms and trails in our life together. That we can be open and honest with each other. Pray that Angel will start showing more that she does care and want to be with me like she says she does. Pray that I can be patient and give Angel the space she needs. That Angel can get the help she need with her kids as well. That Angel and I can become one flesh together with Jesus at the center of our relationship together.

  90. Janice Smith says:

    God please bless this family, please remove every enemy that’s against us that brings trouble to us, remove them forever, help us Lord, lead, guide us the right way, remove all curses, bad luck,spells, witchcraft, forever. please God give me hope, wisdom, deliverance. free jerry from prison.

  91. Renee says:

    Lord please lift up Angelique and bless her. Let her have favor with you. Open the door that’s closed for her to be on hc

  92. Ann says:

    Help me heal and take the devil thoughts of ending my life away. Please.

  93. katie says:

    Please dear GOd help me heal financially and emotionally so I can help my family and not be homeless. Please forgive my sins. God Bless my new grandson and all my grandchildren, children, grandma and other family. Bless all on this site and world! Amen.

  94. Cam says:

    Please pray for me I suffer from severe mental illness, I have been on over 50 psychiatric medications and wards the past 7 years, I don’t believe that these medications help people only make them worse from my experience. I can’t remember what it’s like to feel anything but fear, aggression, hatred, envy, and sadness. It is so hard for me to just say “Hello” to anyone. I barely have any education or communication skills. I don’t know how long I will last like this enough to become a functional adult as I am on the edge of committing suicide within the next few weeks.

  95. kate says:

    Help God I have fallen back again; feeling hopeless. You answered some major prayers and that I am so grateful for. Now I help both emotionally and financially in my life. Please dear God help me be self sufficient I help others and get myself in trouble; I won’t change the helping of others but I need direction. Thank you and God Bless all on this site and in the WOrld!

  96. Arlene Carol Evangelista says:

    I wish for you to pray for Mary Galaviz and her prayer group in LPVMH Wellness Center for all the blessings and answers through prayers from the prayer group members when they pray from home and in the prayer group. I wish for you to pray for Mary Galaviz as she is very very special to start the prayer group for the thought that counts as her caring to pray for others and be one with God. Please pray for Mary Galaviz and her prayer groups prayers to be heard loud and clear because of their willingness to be heard of their prayers from God and to know God and the bible. Please pray for the blessings and love of guidance through the many prayers of Mary Galaviz from God himself to help her through her prayers for people.

  97. shobiraj says:

    Please pray and bless My parents – My father T.balakrishnan, My Mother T.Vimala and myself T.Shobiraj for solving life threatening problems, tension and fear

    a) To Win the Appeal filed by my mother T.vimala and by me T.Shobiraj against shelna in Calicut District Court, by winining this case will allow my mother and myself to relieve from tension and fear , as shelna and her gang , babu, ramesh and kanakaraj are often threatening right from july 2009

    b) To win the Appeal filed by myself T.shobiraj against shelna in high court of kerala , ernakulam, by winning this case will allow me to relieve tension and free from shelna and her father padmanban’s as they are torturing me right from march 2009

    c) Myself T.Shobiraj present job is not a permanent ‚i am looking for a better job, help me to get a better job with good pay

    d) Please pray for My father T.Balakrishnan & My Mother T.Vimala to cure all disease

    e) My company secretary exam for executive module –II Scheduled during the month of December 2013, kindly give me the power to concentrate on my studies since due to lot of personal problems, i am unable to concentrate on my studies , kindly bless me to study well and pass the up comming exam

    f) There are lot of other problems also so kindly pray to almighty god which would enable me to relieve the tension , fear life threatening , i am very much in a dipulated stage, please pray for me and for my parents

  98. kate says:

    Thank you God I prayed on this site to find a home and it looks like my family won’t be homeless! We still need prayers so financially it works but I know this was a miracle!! Thank you all for praying I will pray for you! Miracles do happen in funny ways . Another miracle happened yesterday — my 14 year old cat had an infected injured paw from his claws growing sideways (age?) I have agonized with no money to see vet.…applied on a whim for a Care credit and was approved just enough to take him in.…Seriously I have applied many times before and denied to poor credit. This really was a miracle!!! Thank you GOD!! Amen.

  99. kate says:

    Thank you Dear GOd and all praying for answering my prayers, forgive my sins!

  100. kate says:

    Please dear God help me heal both emotionally and financially from great strife. Bless my children and grandchildren and elderly mother who is frail. Bless our new home for peace and love. God bless all on this site and over the world and those that prayed for my family to not be homeless. Amen

  101. Pastor Thierry says:

    Prayer Request :
    Protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,miracles in finances and business,protection and prosperity of his health,success and miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name .

  102. Philomena says:

    My family is trying desperately to find a loving home for an abused dog that is roaming near my mum’s house. My mum already has 2 dogs and cannot take care of another. It is already two weeks and we have not managed to find anyone to adopt the dog. The local shelter also does not want to come and get the animal because they say their shelter is full and has no more place.

  103. carol ann bivens says:

    I ask in Jesus Christ name that my prayers be answered and that my mom, Sarah Jaunita Bivens be healed and restored and healed and brought back to good excellent health. We need miracles we are asking for her health to be brought back and for her daughter Carol to be protected and given the blessing of keeping her home and all of her assets and blessed with love and a new man in her life and Neil to come to her side and be the person she needs and loves to be. We ask in Jesus Christ name that this and all of prayers now and forever will be answered in Jesus name.

  104. James Upshur says:

    Psalm 51:10-Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.Dear Lord Jesus I love you and thank you for Blessing,Healing,Guiding, and Protecting me and my family. We Love you and Worship you King Jesus son of GOD and Rejoice for your name sake: Thank you for answering all my prayers. Thank you for all the Carpet Cleaning Jobs you have given me and please continue to send more of them Thank you Father; please Father Jesus continue to Bless James Upshur and Family. Father God Please give James Upshur the knowledge to remember your Commandments and your Law as it is written in your Holy letter you have given to me; so that I will not Sin against you. Please give me the strength and wisdom to see through satan’s lies and deception to know that it is not true. Please my King Lord Jesus Christ I ask and beg of you that you make satan and his troops to take his hands off me and leave me and my family alone and to harm us no more. Lamb of God give me the strength and wisdom not to give into my flesh and self will and let your will be done in my life. Please Lord God show and Let me Know how to work for you so I can bring your souls back to you. All these things I ask in Jesus Holy name. Amen

    Dear Lord Jesus Bless, Heal, Guide, and Protect all those who pray for me and my family with all that they desire. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen
    James Upshur Carpet Cleaner
    I James Upshur Loves you Lamb of God, Lamb Of God I love you Jesus father God I Love You. Dear Lord Jesus I repent for all and every one of my sins. Thank you father for saving my soul from eternal death.Amen.

    Jesus I ask for a financial Abundance blessing for me and my mother; My Mother Needs Help paying off her bills and saving money; please send over Flowing Financial Blessing for carpet cleaning jobs my way dear Lord King Jesus. I love you Jesus Bless,Heal,Guide and Protect me and my family. Dear Lord Jesus please help me find a Good Place to Live on my Own away from all of my family members Please, Please , Please, Heavenly Farther Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Amen
    “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” Matthew 18:19

  105. Carmine says:

    Abba Father. Jehovah Gyra..

    We come before Thee today, with praise and thanksgiving, and in the precious Name of Jesus.

    We claim the Power of The Blood and the Power of The Cross upon us this day.

    We forgive all whom have trespassed against us, as we ask Thy forgiveness for our sins.

    We ask for full and immediate restoration of employment in my field, with Divine blessings and favor.

    Father, you say in Your Word that “My God shall provide all of my needs, according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus.”

    My job is my need, Jehovah Gyra, that I ask for in faith believing that I have already received.

    I stand on Your Word Father, in expectation of my job.

    We ask that you rebuke the Devourer, Father, that no demonic forces may hamper this prayers answer.

    We pray in faith receiving Father, as we praise Thy Glorious Name.

    In Jesus’s precious Name we ask.


  106. faith says:

    Please pray God will provide the money needed for my Haiti Mission Trip I need a miracle today

  107. Jon says:

    Pray for me please I feel astray at times and I take meds for s condition because the of drugs mishaps but I need to be healed naturally no drugs chemicals or injections pray for me please god is good I don’t believe in doctors which god really heals not them I believe in miracles I need one bad please pray you guys

  108. C says:

    Abba Father. Jehovah Gyra..

    We come before Thee today, with praise and thanksgiving, and in the precious Name of Jesus.

    We claim the Power of The Blood and the Power of The Cross upon us this day.

    We forgive all whom have trespassed against us, as we ask Thy forgiveness for our sins.

    We ask for full and immediate restoration of employment in my field, with Divine blessings and favor.

    Father, you say in Your Word that “My God shall provide all of my needs, according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus.”

    My job is my need, Jehovah Gyra, that I ask for in faith believing that I have already received.

    I stand on Your Word Father, in expectation of my job.

    We ask that you rebuke the Devourer, Father, that no demonic forces may hamper this prayers answer.

    We pray in faith receiving Father, as we praise Thy Glorious Name.

    In Jesus’s precious Name we ask.

    Amen and Amen.

  109. Joel Hernandez says:

    Hello There
    My name is Joel Hernandez it’s been a difficult year for me to say the least I’ve been suffering from anxiety fear depersonalization stress my heart skips beat and I have a stye in my right eye. It all started in September when my dog passed away then I left my job I’m October to tend to my ailing grandmother I took care of her for five months but she passed in early June leaving me with depression on top of that the girl I love Nataly Nuñez I miss her dearly . I don’t sleep it’s 5:27 am now I worry I beg for a clear mind and for the lord to have mercy on me please I know you can pray over me to help heal me in body and soul. I’ve been praying everyday and ready many passages including those on trust and healing Iam desperate I have faith that one day God will heal me completely Ian sure of it with your help thank you and have a blessed day I also have tremors

  110. Isaias Villamar says:

    Please pray for the healing of my herniated disc, with complications of the cauda equina.
    I got this herniated disc because of a fall in the bathroom in 2011. I fell in the bathroom because of medication that made me dizzy. I was misdiagnosed many times by the doctors. 2 years later I spent my own money for an MRI which showed herniated disc in my lumbar area, and it’s deteriorating very bad I problems with my urination and bowels, leg weakness, tingling, pain. I have seen many many doctors but each one has a different opinion of my case. One doctor said that the herniated disc is not the cause of my problems, do not have the operation. Another doctor said I need surgery for cauda equina syndrome which is a medical emergency. I am confused I have spent all my resources but they cant pinpont exactly the nerve impingment causing my problems. I am so debilitated I am lying in bed cannot function, my condition is detieriorating every day

  111. Isaias Villamar says:

    Please pray for the healing of my herniated disc, with complications of the cauda equina.
    I got this herniated disc because of a fall in the bathroom in 2011. I fell in the bathroom because of medication that made me dizzy. I was misdiagnosed many times by the doctors. 2 years later I spent my own money for an MRI which showed herniated disc in my lumbar area, and it’s deteriorating very bad I problems with my urination and bowels, leg weakness, tingling, pain. I have seen many many doctors but each one has a different opinion of my case. One doctor said that the herniated disc is not the cause of my problems, do not have the operation. Another doctor said I need surgery for cauda equina syndrome which is a medical emergency. I am confused I have spent all my resources but they cant pinpont exactly the nerve impingment causing my problems. I am so debilitated I am lying in bed cannot function, my condition is detieriorating every day

  112. Carolyn says:

    Please pray that my family (especially my sons) will recieve a healing and change thier lives

  113. I have a piece of stone inside my right shoulder that moves around my chest at night and i am looking for a job that can sustain me and my family because i am unemployed now.

  114. Van says:

    Please pray for me. I need financial blessing and a job. I ask in Jesus name. Thank you. Praise Jesus and all the glory goes to God. Amen.

  115. Roseanna Lively says:

    Please pray that God will bless my marriage and that me and Derek will start to have more fun in our marriage and become closer and become a more fulfilled marriage. Please pray that God will give us His favor with our income tax and unemployment and that our finances come through. Please pray that God will place His favor and blessings over Derek at his job and over him when he comes into contact with the people he works with.

  116. mary says:

    please pray for our family to find safe affordable housing asap and the money to obtain it
    pleas pray for my daughter to seek help for her addiction

  117. wanda sigmon says:

    i need prayer for God to bring me back to Him again .I need deliverance from drugs,and prostitution.I need Him to help find a safe home so i can heal and hopefully get my kids back.I also suffer from mental illness.I pray God sends me someone who can help me.Also praying for godly man if it is Gods will.Thank you

  118. Neil says:

    Please will you pray for me for a miracle, that I might stop smoking. I have been trying for over 6 months now. I have had serious health consequences as a result of smoking including problems concentrating.

    Your prayers will be much appreciated.

  119. ahri says:

    I pray The Lord leads me in this big step I’m about take I pray He clears the flaws in my singing voice. Lord bless my you tube video,bless the taping of me singing bless me as a whole in this career. I pray that He blesses the song and my voice. I pray that the doors in the music industry He opens up for me and I just need His grace

  120. PRAISE THE LORD BROTHER/SISTER .Iam ajay asking you for the prayer
    request Bless our family because our family members are facing health
    problems and finance problems Especially my mother is suffering from
    cancer My sister is facing her family problems she had bread up with
    his husband and she had two children please pray for my job also Pray
    for the children and family members for our educational,healthly life
    and spiritual growth in JESUS. I HOPE THAT THE ABOVE DESIRES COME

  121. Neil says:

    I’m just scared. My parents are old and ill. I’m soon to be the leader. I need You Heavenly Father. Please answer my prayer. I ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  122. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for my daughter, D. She has a cyst on her ovaries and needs prayer for a good diagnosis. Thank you, and God Bless.

  123. siegertm says:

    From Joy P. in Houston)
    Dear Prayer Warriors:

    My sister, Robin Temple, has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which came back after God’s healing 2 years ago. Her case has been expedited and we are seeking medical and insurance assistance and God is definitely opening doors. Two years ago, she said that He told her she had a good 20 more years in ministry and we are standing on God’s promise for that.

    Please pray for wisdom for her as she seeks treatment and for a miraculous healing. We have seen what He can do for others even at death’s door and we pray to understand His will and that she be healed totally in every fiber of her being to continue ministering to others as she has been doing for the past few years. Please also pray for the doors to open for the approval of treatment and coverage by Montgomery Cty Hospital District. (Thank you for praying!)

  124. siegertm says:

    Little Ava - please pray everyonePlease join me in praying daily for little Ava, Karen G’s 5 year old niece, who has brain cancer. On May 22nd, she will be going in for an MRI to see what the spots are they are detecting. Father God, we pray that you please, please heal this little one of yours completely and totally — and even restore her blindness caused by the tumors. Please also give her family the comfort and peace they need. In Jesus name we pray -

    Also, please stop by Ava’s facebook page and send her a message — she loves to get them! Send some hope and prayers her way. God bless! — Mariann

    Ava’s facebook page:

  125. siegertm says:

    (From Kay W. in Houston:)
    Please pray for my 23 year old nephew, who recently fell 5 stories. He has been through numerous surgeries within the last week.

    They have moved him into a room on the trauma surgery floor (from ICU), and that is great news!! He is now considered to be in near critical condition. Praise be to our most merciful Father!!

    Your continued prayers will be very much appreciated – for both my nephew and his family. So very, very many of his bones were broken and it will take a long time for all to heal, but that is now underway. The brain swelling continues to subside. He has a very long road ahead of him, and we pray that his recovery will continue, that he will not have permanent brain damage and that he will able to function much as before the accident.

    We continue to be optimistic and praise the Lord for His love, His watch and His caring.

  126. siegertm says:

    (From Pat in Houston)
    My 39-year-old niece, Kim T., was suffering with severe headaches, so 2 weeks ago, her doctor did an MRI and they found brain tumors. They performed surgery last Thursday to remove them. She met with the pathologist yesterday and was told that the tumors are malignant. They could not be removed entirely. Kim has a 7-year-old boy who needs his mom, so I am asking you to pray for a miracle in God’s healing. Also, please put her on any prayer lists that you are aware of – at church, bible study groups, etc. I really, really appreciate your help and prayers for Kim! –Pat

  127. Pastor Thieringo says:

    Prayer request from Pastor Thieringo:

    Protection, prosperity, wisdom, healing, miracles in finances, miracles in Pastor Thieringo’s life — in Jesus name.

  128. siegertm says:

    (From Judy C. in Houston):
    Please pray for my son, Brian, who is in critical condition in ICU in Houston after falling and hurting his shoulder and arm — it has turned into bone infection and he is now on a ventilator and his breathing is labored. Also, please pray for my husband, Jerry, who has arthritis in his back and discs and is having trouble getting around. Thank you.

    (From Mariann):
    Please also pray for Judy (above) — she and her family run a business together and she is in her 70’s. She is very afraid as she lost her other child years ago. Please pray for her comfort and peace and strength to help run the business.

  129. John says:

    Dear Lord, please take away the desire of the married woman who will not leave me alone. She threatens my job, my marriage, and cannot accept my Christian beliefs. Let her walk away without harm to me, and understand that the restoration of her marriage should be of utmost importance to her. Let her truly understand the meaning of what Gods word is in the Holy Bible. In your son, the Lord Jesus Christ name I pray, AMEN

  130. ken moore says:

    brother charlie for total healing from cancer

  131. Mary Ostroot says:

    (From Webmaster):
    Could you please pray for my long-time friend, Mary Ostroot, and her new husband, Nigel? She’s a good friend of mine – I just love Mary. She fell in love and recently got married in Napa Valley to an awesome man named Nigel from England. She’s in her 40’s and it’s her first marriage. She’s waited a long time to find him and they make such a lovely couple!

    They’ve only been married a few months now (5 or 6) and they just diagnosed him with cancer right before Christmas. He’s going through serious chemo right now at MD Anderson. Please pray for his healing and for his new bride, Mary for the strength to get through this. Please add them to your Church prayer lists as well.

    Thanks so much! God bless -

  132. siegertm says:

    (Sue M. from England:) I have written to ask if you would please help me get deliverance and healing from this awful disease I have. I need God – He is the only one who can heal me of this awful disease. I would be very grateful you would help me. I have no help with this. Could you please answer my cry for help and help me?

    I have systemic yeast, fungal disease that has spread throughout my body and is growing aggressively everyday called .Candida Hypersensitivity Syndrome. It has progressed into a parasitic form. I am in agony with pain. My bodily functions don’t work. I am hypersensitive to all foods and medicines. I can’t eat because it is feeding and growing off my foods but I have to eat to live. My immune system doesn’t fight it. I’ve been praying to God since January of last year and have just gotten more and more ill. I’ve listened to healing scriptures, etc. I’m in a very bad way and I’m dying from it now. I’ve been in bed for mostly 4 years. There is no cure on earth. Years ago it was resistant to the drugs they couldn’t kill it so it has spread and spread inside of me. Please pray to God for a Miracle to happen as I won’t be here much longer otherwise. I also need prayer as I feel I am being attacked spiritually as well and I’m all alone praying for Him to heal me.

    Could you pray for me every day till i get my miracle? I barely function.

    Love, Sue

  133. siegertm says:

    From Michelle Triska
    Please pray that God will help me to quit smoking and heal inflammation of my stomach lining known as Gastritis. Please pray that He heals all the inflammation in my stomach lining. Please pray God do a miracle of healing on my stomach. In Jesus’ name. Please also pray God heal my mind of bad memories and hurt. Please pray that God heal sickness in my body.

  134. Emartins . O says:


    Dear People of God,
    Please pray for me. I am suffering sicknesses from the spirit of poverty, hardship, misfortune and failure, promise and fall, disagreement in marital life, rejection, disappointment, backwardness, stealing and destruction. Spirit of death, hatred, limitation in progress, prison confinement, lust, witchcraft, loneliness. Please people of God please pray for me to be delivered out of all this evil cage and set me free from every generational curse in my life and my family and restore me again to life. In the name of Jesus Christ — Amen.
    Thank you

  135. Martina says:

    Please I ask prayers for a couple Nick and
    Susie for their conversion to Christ and
    their marriage.

  136. Marianne says:

    Please say a prayer for my son, William. He is the father of 7 children and he has a mental illness which is tearing the family apart. William has schizophrenia and is in and out of the hospital — he lives in Australia — so I cannot be with him. My heart is heavy with worry. Thank you all so much.

  137. pastor Thieringo says:

    Prayer Request received from Pastor Thieringo:
    Please pray for protection from persecution against Pastor Thieringo… for healing, wisdom, prosperity, miracles in finances, miracles in his life. May God, Holy Spirit and Jesus do justice to him and protect him against evil and those that are trying to persecute him.

  138. liesiang says:

    Please agree and intercede with me.
    Give thank to God that my son is able to eat and sleep. Please pray that the Lord will heal him completely and help him to overcome all withdrawal symptoms of his medications . Let the Lord grants him back his full concentration and the ability to engage in conversation. Let my son has the wisdom to understand his right and position as the child of God. Let the Lord draws close to ministers ‚encourage, and to show him direction on what the Lord wants him for his future. May the Lord open the door and bless my son that He can use him mightily for his kingdom that though him many will surrender and accept Jesus Christ is Lord of Lord. Let everything that the Lord gives to him can be used to glory Him.
    Thank you for your prayer and may the Lord bless you abundantly.

  139. Paula says:

    Dear Prayer Partner,
    Please pray for our home, unspoken. There is a problem that we do not know the source and is causing anxiety, tremors in our animals, one animal died, and illness and chronic fatigue in our health. This apparantly is not the smart meter causing this , however, I am aware of the problems with that. Thank you for every prayer for us. May you be blessed and draw closer to Him as you talk to Him with and for us.

  140. I have been attacked recently through social media along with my faith being tried. I know God has promised me something, but those things seem to be falling apart. I’m just praying for strength to make it through the test and strength to pass the test. I don’t want to fail and I want to be in the will of God.
    Shantia Walker

  141. Mariann Siegert says:

    Please pray for Linda C. who will be checking into the Hospital (Texas Heart Institute) in Houston on Monday morning. She will have a heart cath and, possibly, later in the week, the aorta valve replaced. Please pray that God be the hands of the Doctors and Nurses and for quick recuperation and healing. Please also pray for comfort and peace for Linda and her family – especially her husband as they just got remarried this week.

  142. Kelly Davis says:

    As evidenced by people living in Oklahoma, West Texas and South Texas, and ever-increasing areas in other parts of the country, the drought condition is reaching critical status; cattle are being auctioned off; crops have burned up; and drinking water is becoming a concern. Please join us in this prayer circle.

    Lets make this one of the largest prayer circles ever. It will be as though everyone is holding hands around the world.

    Father, You said whatsoever any two or more come together and agree and ask in Your Son’s name, it shall be given. We come to you, humbly, and ask that you bring down the rain to our parched lands. Our farmers and ranchers need it desperately, as well as our firefighters. We ask this all in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  143. Mariann says:

    Prayer is needed for my friend, Judy T., who lost her son in a highway accident on Tuesday in Dallas. He was thirty-three years old and the father of a nine year old son. Please keep Judy and her family in your thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time.

  144. Omega says:

    Please pray for my friend, Kenny, who has been in and out of the hospital for the last two weeks. The test so far show nothing wrong with his heart or brain. He stops breathing and loses coordination while sleeping. His left arm feels strange and his chest is “thumping.” He spent a night at a sleep center and is awaiting results.

  145. judym says:

    Please pray for my niece and her family. Madison is 22 years old, and has epileptic seizures. Yesterday she had 5 pins put into her shoulder to re-attach the ligament and bone fragments she injured in two falls during seizures.
    After the surgery yesterday, last night she had a bad seizure and her mom asked for prayer, since she was so worried that Madison might have injured the repaired shoulder during the seizure. Jill, Madison’s mom, is my youngest sister, and is a strong and faithful Christian. Madison married last year, and now she and her husband have moved back in with Jill and Paul so that she has someone with her during the day while her husband works and finishes his education.
    Please pray for healing for Madison, and for the doctors to find a way to better address this disease, with which so many people live. Madison is taking double doses of the prescribed meds for seizures, and she is continuing neuropathic feedback to try to bring it under control.

  146. Cloudy Day says:

    Please pray for my daughter Jennifer, she is five months pregnant, her doctor has informed us that her little baby boy has a 5 percent chance that he’ll be born with down syndrome, I just ask for prayer that my grandbaby is born perfectly healthy and for Jennifer to have peace of mind.

  147. Brendan says:

    Please pray for healing for little baby Rebecca. The doctors have given her no hope with the disease she’s been diagnosed with.

  148. siegertm says:

    Prayer is needed for my friend to find a good job after completing her chemo and radiation treatments.

    • c says:

      Dear Lord, We intercede for all who gather here and worship, praise, thank you; give you the glory. We ask in faith believing, in the name of Jesus, that Thy will be done, from your riches in glory and not our lack. We ask for a divine touch, miracle breakthrough for all who submit, surrender to your will; salvation for all lost loved ones, family reconciliation, restoration, healing for the sick. We are also asking for ourselves here for the evil false order to be stopped now and that we are safe, protected, encouraged. We ask the attack of the enemy; the harm and damage, the danger be stopped now and always in the name of Jesus to the glory of God and the love of the little children he loves so much. We ask that the libel, slander, perjury, evil rumors, dark lies are stopped now and that truth, grace, mercy and justice reign and God receives the glory and honor and thanks and praise. Amen

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