My Knight in Shining Armor

knight with princesFrom my own observations, 99.9% of the little girls that grew up in the United States pine away from a very young age for their Prince Charming or Knight in Shining Armor. I was certainly one of those little girls.

knight in shining armorEven worse, I was one of those young teenagers. And, before I knew it, I became one of those middle-aged women.  I had stopped believing in Santa Clause but continued to believe in my fairy tale prince.

But year-after-year, as time slipped by, my Knight in Shining Armor failed to appear. No one came riding to my rescue, swearing their undying love and saving this damsel in distress.

Frog Prince Sitting by PondI kissed a lot of frogs along the way but my frogs never turned into a handsome Prince. Actually, it was the opposite.  Those I thought were a Prince just turned out to be slimy little frogs with a lot of warts – nasty little warts such as lying and cheating.

But I refused to give up hope.  I waited, prayed, desperately searched, and in an act of desperation, hung my hair out of the tower window (reference to Rapunzel) but alas, no Knight on a white horse came galloping along to climb my long tresses and rescue me.

OK, it wasn’t a tower. It was my dorm room in college. But I’d sit in the open windowsill night after night listening to love songs on the radio wondering where my true love was at the moment and if he was gazing up atRed-Eyed Tree Frog the moon and longing for me as I was for him. Yes, I admit, I was sappy — and a horrible romantic.  I truly believed in soul mates and refused to believe anyone that told me they didn’t exist.

As the years passed by, I went through a marriage and then a divorce and came out on the other side middle aged.  I immediately began putting my heart on the line and searching again, knowing with everything that was in me that he was out there.  And for my trouble I only ended up kissing more slimy little frogs.

One fine day, my fairy tale dream turned into a reality.  I had been right all along — He did exist and I found that He had been there the entire time and standing by my side.  My Knight in Shining Armor, my Rescuer, my Savior, my Best Friend, my Healer – my Everything!  Someone that loved me so much that He was willing to die for me – and He did.  Someone that loved me so much that He was willing to be tortured, go through excruciating pain and even die a slow death for something I had done.

Baby BrendanHe went even further than that – He saved me from drowning, cancer, Graves disease, car crashes, motorcycle wrecks and addictions.  He held my hand and cried with me when my oldest son was killed.  He saved my youngest son when the doctors said he only had a 2% chance of making it at all and brought me a healthy child when they said he would be blind, deaf, or mentally challenged if he actually did make it.  He healed my broken heart after failed relationships.

He engraved my name on the palm of His hand and loves me enough to even know when a single hair falls out of my head.  He brings me flowers in the Spring and is never too busy to sit, listen and offer advice.

My Knight in Shining Armor truly did come to my rescue and died to save me.  He does exist, is real and I finally found Him.  No one else could completely fill that empty spot in my heart and soul.  My Knight in Shining Armor and the love of my life’s name is Jesus.




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