Inspirational Videos

Incredible People with Amazing Stories

Peter Scheibner is a pilot for American Airlines.

He was scheduled to be on Flight 11 on September 11th.  But God had other plans…

If you haven’t heard of Nick Vujicic before, he was born without limbs

and is one of the most inspirational and influential people I know for God’s kingdom.

Bethany Hamilton is an amazing young Christian surfer woman who was attacked by a Shark -

Bethany’s story was documented in a movie called, “Soul Surfer.” Her love of God is simply amazing!

Little Colton Burpo almost died. He visited heaven and tells what happened… Heaven IS for Real!

Ben Breedlove — an inspiration to us all. He was born with a heart condition and left us all a message on Christmas day 2011 right before he died. He had a dream/vision he shares with us. (Two parts)

At the age of 4, Akiana Kramarik started painting (you’ll have to see to believe) saying that God has given her the visions and abilities to create her artwork, which is unusual for her family, considering both her parents were atheist at the time (they later converted to Christianity on account of Kramarik’s paintings and visions).  BTW, that is Akiana’s Mom in video freeze — Akiana is shown in the clip.

Beautiful Film and Music about God’s Creation

Creation Calls — Are you listening?  Music by Brian Doerksen

This man’s dying wish was to inspire other’s to follow God.  It was taped 2 hours before he was in the arms of God.  He certainly got his wish!  There have been thousands of hits on YouTube — what a great testimony!  I know God is blessing him and holding him right now.

This man was in a horrible plane crash.  His near death encounter made this Athiest a Believer!


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