Following My Heart (Shaped Breadcrumbs)

Heart Shaped RocksHow does God lead us, guide us, and direct us?  In my life, this guidance and direction has come in many different ways — including heart-shaped rocks! Huh?  Did she say, “Heart-shaped rocks?”  Yup, I did!  It happened like this… I consistently ask God every day for His will to be done in my life and I persistently ask for His guidance and direction — every day.  I really want to do God’s will and I want to make sure the path I am on is the path that He wants me to be on. I had been working for a large law firm going on 12 years and felt… well, uncomfortable.  I had outgrown my position and had hit the glass ceiling.  I didn’t feel as if God wanted me there anymore.  I felt like I needed to be “somewhere else” but I didn’t know where that somewhere else was. That’s about the time when God had put it in my heart to start writing about all the Miracles that had happened in my life and collecting other people’s stories as well.  When I finished writing down my Miracle stories, I realized I needed a website to best be able to collect other people’s stories from around the world.  I wanted to build the website myself and had always been interested in learning how.  Since I’m an artist as well, I have a creative side that goes well with my geeky side.Floating rocks I started looking for classes on Dreamweaver (this was back in 2009).   One of the popular online Universities wanted $2,500 for one Dreamweaver course!  I just didn’t have the resources for this and knew that taking one course would only be the beginning.  Besides, I didn’t need the credit hours.  I started searching for an alternative option and found  For $25./month you can take as many courses as you’d like and they have over 1,000 courses!  I was like a kid in a candy store  — yes, I know — I’m a geek! While taking the courses for web design so I could get the Miracles website up and running, I saw that the company had a “call for trainers.”  Since I am a trainer and that’s what I do for a living, I applied.  I few months later after extensive interviewing, I was flying to California to their production studios.  I then became an Author myself (for a course on Word 2007 Styles in Depth)! The second course I did for them was on “Creating an Effective Resume (May 2011).”  While writing the course, I was showing the class how to upload their resume to  I had become so miserable in my current position that I had rolled up my windows in the car on the way home and said, “OK, God, this is NOT directed towards you… just a warning to PLUG YOUR EARS!”  And I just screamed at the top of my lungs.  I was beyond frustrated.  I got a call the next morning from an in-house recruiter and started my new job a couple of weeks later.  Yes, God does answer our screams!God leads my by my Heart (Shaped Rocks) On a business trip with my new co-workers and supervisor, I was asked how it came about that I found this new job and quit my old job of 12.5 years.  I was sharing how one thing had led to another — the book, needing a website, finding, becoming a student and then an Author, my friend needing a resume and the start of the course on Creating an Effective Resume, and from it the new job.  I told my new friend and coworker how I felt like I was following “breadcrumbs” down the trail of life taking me from one place I was supposed to be to another. The next day at the airport, I needed a book to read.  I was in a hurry and quickly prayed for direction…“God, is there a book here that would help me on my journey?”  I was drawn to Glenn Beck’s book.  Strange… something told me if I did pick it up, I’d catch it from my boss.  I put it back down.  Then picked it up again — sometimes you just have to do what you feel you’re being led to do even if you know or feel you might catch some flack from it.  A few minutes later, back in my chair, my boss said, “Mariann, what book did you get?”  I had been trying to keep it out of his view but obviously wasn’t doing a very good job of it.  He said, “Oh my gosh!  Really?  You’re reading that book?!  Look everyone, Mariann’s reading that book by that person!”  Obviously, he wasn’t a fan (smiling). I got on the plane and started reading… and found out why I felt lead to pick up that book.   Glenn was talking about following your God shaped breadcrumbs!  Funny how just the day prior, I had been telling my co-worker about following my breadcrumbs.  Was it a coincidence that Beck was speaking of having the same experience and even used the same words that I had?  I showed her when we got off the plane and heading towards luggage.  “Wow, that’s exactly what YOU said!  That’s amazing!” A week later, I was jogging on the beach after a day of production at the studios for the resume course in sunny California. I started noticing rocks laid out in a perfect line under my feet as I was jogging along.  I said, “Hey, Father God, look at those rocks.  They look like breadcrumbs!”  And then I saw one of the rocks was shaped like a heart.  I stopped, reached down, picked it up and began examining it.  I put it in my jacket pocket and started jogging again and saw another heart-shaped rocked.  I picked it up also and put it with the other in my pocket. Amazing SunsetI started racing a sailboat a I ran down the beach (of course they didn’t know they were in a race).  I was feeling happy and free and had a huge smile plastered on my face as I ran along.  Out of breath, I stopped and looked out over the ocean towards the Channel Islands and there was a beautiful… I’m not sure what to call it.  It had all the colors of the rainbow but it wasn’t in the shape of a bow.  It was more like a line then a bow — straight up and down.  There was no rain and now bow — just all the colors.  Even though it wasn’t bow shaped, I started calling it a “God-bow.”  I had never seen anything like it.  I turned around and jogged back towards the hotel and stopped again to look out over the ocean.  Without a cloud in the sky and no rain in sight, there was another God bow directly in front of where I stopped.  Two of them — both in the spots I stopped!  My Mom later said she had never seen anything like that in her 82 years hear on this earth. The next day, I was getting my makeup done by Samantha — Sam for short — who is a wonderful young Christian woman.  I was telling her all about my heart-shaped breadcrumbs and the beautiful God bows.  As I was telling her the story, she turned me towards the wall in my chair to get the back of my hair.  On the wall was a photograph someone had taken of rocks.  I said, “Wow, Sam, look at that picture on the wall… there are two…”  Before I could get the words out, she said, “…heart-shaped rocks!” I felt that God was telling me I was in the right place in my life and following the right track — HIS track.  I’m still following my heart-shaped rocks.  I since felt led to start my own business and work from home so I could better concentrate on the Miracles book and collecting your stories and praying for those in need of their own Miracles.  And that’s where I am today! (If you feel your heart-shaped rocks are leading you to share your Miracle story for the book, please click here to do so!) Update:  Since I quit my full time job to better dedicate myself to collecting these stories for the book, I’ve questioned several times if I’m still on the right path.  While gardening out by the waterfall and asking God if I was doing the right thing and on the right track, I started finding more heart-shaped rocks… I guess I’m still on the right track!   Here is a picture of my “heart-shaped rocks.”

God leading me by a Trail of Heart-Shaped Rocks


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